Woodhouse Spa: Escape from crazy everyday life

Kingston — Everyone deserves to be spoiled?

Last year, and arguably longer, stress has become too prevalent in our lives for many. During political turmoil and the global health crisis, the need for self-care has become important for a healthy life.

At Woodhouse Spa, all of these issues disappear in the background as our experienced staff will make you feel right and check your concerns at the door.

“Much of what we do here is to relax and rejuvenate,” said Woodhouse owner Megan Milo. “We want to escape from our crazy daily lives, especially after a year.”

Originally from Back Mountain, Miro has been working at Woodhouse since September 2019. She has extensive experience in the automotive industry and medical cannabis before buying a Kingston Woodhouse location.

“I was also a local Thomas cashier and even worked as a closing manager,” she added. “That’s the beginning of everything … I’ve always been a worker, I don’t like sitting still.”

His love and passion for self-care, and his desire to influence and help people, has led Milo to his current role.

“I think self-care is often overlooked,” said Milo. “And I always wanted to own it in my business, so it seemed like the two passions were together.”

Woodhouse will celebrate its 18th anniversary in Kingston this November, and this particular location has very unique characteristics.

“This is the location of the first Woodhouse franchise,” Miro said. “The original Woodhouse was based in Victoria, Texas and is still open.”

From the moment the front door opens, it’s clear why so many people in the area turned to woodhouses for the need for treatment and foretold the spa as one of the best in business.

Immediately, those who go to the spa will be struck by the intoxicating scent created by the spa to relax their clients. A scent called “escape” can be purchased at the spa gift shop.

The Woodhouse Gift Shop is very important for a central experience and includes other distinctive scents, diffusers, robes, neck “companies” and all sorts of products to take home. ..

“Most of all this is follow-up at home,” Miro said. “It’s important that wellness and self-care are more than just a one-stop shop.”

Mr. Miro said that during the COVID-19 pandemic last year, Woodhouse placed a lot of product delivery and pick-up orders, so the client was the actual spa.

According to Milo, the woodhouse was closed for four months during the worst of the pandemic.

“It was a very stressful time, it’s not yet,” she said. “We claim it is necessary, but the state did not consider us a necessary business.

Last year was certainly a stressful time, but Miro takes great pride in the work she and her staff did to overcome the pandemic and maintain the safety protocol while providing the award-winning Woodhouse experience. I had it.

Woodhouse offers a variety of services to meet almost every need.

Massages are provided, but Milo quickly pointed out that they were only part of the Woodhouse experience.

“On that day, you can relax in reflexology sandals and luxurious robes, or curl up with a book in a quiet room or porch,” she said. “No time, no time here … you are in woodhouse time.”

The spa offers almost all treatments to relieve the stress of everyday life and make clients feel ready to challenge the world, including body treatments, face and skin treatments, manicures and pedicures.

From a particular point of view, the concept of “spa day” may seem unsuitable for men, but not at Woodhouse. The exact opposite.

“Gentlemen are also welcome. The menu also has its own section,” says Milo.

The Woodhouse welcomes spa parties, baby showers, bachelorette parties and anyone looking for a day of relaxation.

Gift cards for Woodhouse can be used online or at the spa. Spa packages are also available.

It’s all a business seen by clients worthy of the platinum level distinction at this year’s Times Leader’s Best of the Best Awards. Milo does not downplay.

“Positive feedback, we wouldn’t have been here without the many reviews our clients left for us,” Milo said.

“We are proud to carry on the legacy of the Woodhouse.”

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